Night to Shine Enid Sponsorship Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in being a sponsor of the 2020 Night to Shine in Enid! Through sponsorships like yours, we can come together to help make this night incredible for all of the kings and queens who are attending the event.



Name and logo on all marketing materials and the event shirt. Name posted on social media and Night to Shine Enid website.

Name on all marketing materials and the event t-shirt. Name posted on social media and Night to Shine Enid website.

Name on most marketing materials and on the event shirt. Name posted on social media and Night to Shine Enid website.

Name on event t-shirt, social media, and Night to Shine Enid website.

Name on social media and Night to Shine Enid website.


Interested in becoming a 2020 Night to Shine Sponsor? Email Becca Johnson at becca.biagini@gmail.com.